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About us

Linkopa is meta search engine. With Linkopa you can multiple search engines at once. We offer a simple, clutter free, search engine so you can find the information you want easier and faster.

The advantage of a meta search
If you search one search engine you wil only get results from the list of websites that engine has crawled. With Linkopa you can search multiple search engines at once. This way you will be able to access a far bigger slice of the internet than just searching one search engine.

How our search works
Each time you search using Linkopa we will funnel your search query to top search engines without providing information that they can use to track you. Linkopa will retrieve search results from appropriate search engines based on the given keyword. We use our own algorithms to combine the results of all engines and rank them accordingly to provide you with the most accurate and relevant results.

Privay policy
Linkopa is committed to protect your privacy. We do not share personal information. We only collect certain website traffic data to identify malicious bots, guard us against attacks and increase the search experience.